[John Byrne Chris Claremont Marv Wolfman Bill Mantlo Stan Lee Roger Stern] ð Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus - Volume 1 by John Byrne Chris Claremont Marv Wolfman Bill Mantlo Stan Lee Roger Stern(2011-11-23) [chemins de fer PDF] Read Online º beety.pro

[John Byrne Chris Claremont Marv Wolfman Bill Mantlo Stan Lee Roger Stern] ð Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus - Volume 1 by John Byrne Chris Claremont Marv Wolfman Bill Mantlo Stan Lee Roger Stern(2011-11-23) [chemins de fer PDF] Read Online º Cet omnibus reprend une bonne partie du run de John Byrne sur les Fantastic Four, ainsi que quelques épisodes bonus d'autres séries dans lesquelles ces personnages apparaissent.
Un régal pour tous les fans de John Byrne.
Un énorme pavé.

En attendant un éventuel Fantastic Four Omnibus 2.
Sólo hay otra etapa en los 4F que pueda rivalizar con la creada por Stan Lee y Jack Kirby y es esta, la de John Byrne.

En este primer tomo aparecen el Doctor Muerte, Terrax, Galactus, Diablo, los Vengadores, Spiderman.
aventuras en estado puro de los 80 creadas por un guionista/dibujante en la plenitud de su arte.

El tomo tiene algo más de 1000 páginas sin extras y un tamaño algo mayor que un cómic book.
Me hubiera gustado que al menos hubiera alguna entrevista o algo por el estilo, quizá en el segundo tomo.
Su construcción es sólida, no se le van a caer las hojas, pero tampoco es para leerlo en la cama ya que pesa más de 3 Kg.

Un auténtico Must Have.
La preuve que John Byrne etait aussi le coauteur scenariste des Xmen.
Un retour au meilleurs scenarios de Jack Kirby et Stan Lee des années 60.
Seul défaut étant que John Byrne n'est pas aussi bon encreur que dessinateur ou scénariste.
Un travail d'auteur au même titre que le Thor de Walter Simonson, le Dark Knight de Frank Miller .
Un Omnibus de référence.
The Fantastic Four have been going now for many years, and in that time there has been a great variation in the quality of the stories, from the classic Lee/Kirby era, to the other end of the spectrum where there has been some absolute rubbish.

This volume is from a time when the FF was one of the best comics on the newsstand.

At a time when there was some quite stiff opposition, such as Frank Miller's Daredevil run, or Alan Moore's Swamp Thing stories, the John Byrne run on the FF ranks right up there with the best of them.

As with all these Omnibus editions, the only way to read it comfortably is to sit at a table with ityou can't really take these to bed to read.

This is an essential purchase for any longtime fan of the FF such as myself, or indeed for any younger reader who has only seen the newer stories from such people as Grant Morrison and Jonathan Hickman.

Apart from the 1960s material I personally do not think there has ever been any better FF.
Amazing! ESPETACULAR, mestre John Byrne, Gênio.

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`Fantastic' is truly the operative word when it comes to describing this mammoth collection.
Although Mr John Byrne is still going strong in the 21st Century, his historic 1980s run on the first family of Marvel Comics is well regarded in the comic industry as not only one of his top creative achievements in his long career but as one of the very best runs in the history of Marvel Comics Fantastic Four title.

At nearly 1100 pages, weighing just over 7 lbs, this monster collects 47 different Marvel Comics titles from the 1970s into the 1980s that feature FF characters touched by Mr.
Byrne either as just the penciler or the full writer/artist.
I was personally happy to find the opening story in the collection is a forgotten favorite from a 1977 Marvel TeamUp two parter by Chris Claremont with Mr.
Byrne on pencils.
The fast paced dramatic tale pits SpiderMan alongside the Human Torch and then Ms.
Marvel against a rampaging Super Skrull (an alien infused with the powers of the Fantastic Four).

From there we move onto a great 1979 issue of Marvel TwoInOne #50 where the Thing decides to travel back in time with a cure that would only work on a younger version of himself in his earliest days as the monster after his fateful transformation.

The collection then delivers all of Mr.
Byrne's work on the main run of the Fantastic Four title beginning in 1979 as penciler, then as full creator in 1981.
What's neat about this collection is that between gaps in his early work on the title, the Omnibus editors have added in pages that give not only a brief synopsis of FF issues inbetween the Byrne issues but also tosses in quick explanations as to why Mr.
Byrne was not involved in the issues not collected here.
Example: After FF 221 concludes " John Byrne, who had been pulling double duty on FF & The XMen at this time, left after #221.
" Then the run's gap synopsis paragraph follows.
A very nice touch added for those wondering why there are issues "missing".

Won't go into plot details for the rest of the run, suffice it to say these are some of the very best Marvel Comics stories one would come across and enormously entertaining for readers of any age.
The FF face down some of their most notorious foes such as The Frightful Four, Doctor Doom, Galactus and The Skrulls.
Some of the stories are so big in scope, the FF also team up with the biggest heroes in the Marvel Universe such as The Avengers, SpiderMan, The Inhumans, The Silver Surfer and The XMen.
There are additionally several new characters first introduced here to the Marvel Universe such as Nova, Terrax and even Herbie the Robot.

All the original Byrne PinUps that appeared in any of these issues are, of course, found in here.
The back end of the tome also includes 28 FF character pinups from The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, reproduced trade paperback covers and even the Direct Market variant cover for this same collection (last pinup in the book).

While there have been other Marvel Comics trade paperback collections of Mr.
Byrne's main run on this series, fans who own them will absolutely want to upgrade to this far more superior format.
As with most of the Marvel Omnibus books, the inks on every page are crisply reproduced and the quality of the glossy page stock and rich colors are superb.

This collection represents not only John Byrne's creative legacy, it's a love letter to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's silverage output and is a timeless gift to fans of this fourcolor genre.
Worth every penny.
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