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[ Pdf Stolen: A Letter to My Captor ✓ guinea PDF ] by Lucy Christopher Ì This book completely reaffirmed my fascination with the beautiful land that is Australia.
But the people who live there seem to want everyone to think it s a lot like this Or this Or even this Gemma, just a regular 16 year old school girl, has been captured by a handsome and alluring young Australian man named Ty Although Gemma seems to think so, it never feels like she s in any imminent danger, from Ty at least From the environment yes.
The stakes and suspense don t seem that high, as I fully believed that he never intended to hurt her Regardless, the author managed to draw me in with every single word.
The story itself is incredible, as is the the writing and character development I just worry that it s glorifying kidnapping Cause really, how many child abductors are 20 something sexy Australian men with supermodel looks and a hot bod, who only want to be lovedIf I was Gemma, I can t say I would mind.
I mean, I picture him looking a bit like this Whoopsie Not the right picture That s from my secret stash blushes Here the right one But our girl is very stubborn and never seems to be giving up on getting away from him She s resilient and strong and everything you expect the heroine of a young adult novel to be.
And whew The male lead character Ty, our captor, is really hot Come on, Gemma The scene with the paint where he leans in and asks referring to the paint of courseDo you want someI couldn t help but think heeeeeeeeck yeah.
I imagine if any other girl in the world had been there, she d be jumping up and down with her hand raised saying I do, I do Ty is extremely charming and a bit of a paradox He is multiple layered character, who although seems unsocial and outdoorsy, is good with words and can completely make you swoon.
Though most of this is a result of brilliant writing, a lot it also comes from the talented narrator of the audio book.
I know the book alone is amazing, but this one is really worth listening to on audio.
It is the most well read book I have listened to in a long time, probably EVER The voice of Ty isn t even noticeable as being read by a women The narrator and the author are both on the exact same wavelength and both nail the complex nature of our male lead as well as the strong willed Gemma.
I do wish things had gone a little differently in the end I m not sure that what Gemma did is fully representative of what a normal 16 year old would do, but I guess that what happened is what HAD to happen for the story The romantic in me just wanted things to be different I also think I m suffering from Stockholm Syndrome evenso than Gemma was.
I know that a lot of people won t sympathize with Ty at all But I m a sucker for a man with a hot bod and an Australian accent.
Definitely, this is another of my favorite books I ve read lately And my favorite audiobook so far I just had a copy of STOLEN by Lucy Christopher put into my hands at ALA, and I am definitely, definitely sending a quote for them to use for the paperback edition It s a YA novel about a girl who is kidnapped from an airport by a crazy guy and taken to a shack in the Australian outback The novel features1 crazy guy2 camels3 strong heroine4 poisonous snakes did you know that Australia is the only continent where species of poisonous snakes outnumbers non poisonous ones 5 hallucinating6 kangaroos7 psychological terror and thrillingness 8 vehicular chases9 did I mention crazy guy 10 a supporting cast of chickensIt s got a great sense of place and the character development is just fantastic I love me some trauma , but the thing I liked best was that as Gemma, the main character, spendstime in the presence of her kidnapper, the author very, very, very skillfully messes with our brains just like Gemma s brain is getting messed with It makes for a very complex read with no easy answers, just like I like em I loved how all of the motivations were thoroughly grounded in past history we get a profile of the kidnapper as a human, not just as a stick figure As a teen, I would have adored this book evenMy only complaint It reads a little long in places, but I think that may have been my deadlines speakingthan the book s shortfall I know there will be many that say that this isn t how most kidnappings go down and tell you to go read LIVING DEAD GIRL instead, but I don t believe that books need to tell the most common story just the one most interesting to the author Highly recommended I made it, you said, gruffly, for you You shoved it onto my finger It was roughly carved, shaped from a lump of something colourful and colda ring made entirely from a gemstone It was beautiful It glinted emerald greens and blood reds over my skin, and had tiny flecks of gold catching the light I couldn t stop staring at it Why I asked.
You didn t answer that Instead you touched the ring gently and looked piercingly at me, unsaid questions in your eyes.
HOLY SHIT I should not have read this book Even though it s definitely going to be on top of my favorites list I don t think I ve ever cried so much while reading a book But I loved it It was perfect.
I wanted to read this book for so long, but couldn t get my hands on it I was just very fascinated by the summary of the book, and who am I to deny that beautiful cover Well, the story begins withYou saw me before I saw youSounds intriguing, right Well, it s like that from start to end of the book So, Ty, kidnaps Gemma from an airport putting drugs in her coffee so she wouldn t struggle and takes her to a desert in Australia, where no one could find them He has a whole life planned out for them both, thinking that Gemma would fall in love with him eventually Throughout the book, Gemma tries in vain to escape, and the unusual thing is that Ty lets her But soon, Gemma finds out she can t get out of there unless Ty will come with her, since he knows the desert better As the story progresses, Gemma struggles with her feelings for Ty, especially when she found out that he was as desperate as she was, when she learns of his background.
Ty was a very complex character I never imagined to sympathize with a villain if he could even be called a villain much less one who kidnaps people, but Ty was such a sad, tragic character There were times when I hated him for taking Gemma against her will, but when Gemma found out that she loved him, it was like I was falling for him right along with her Seriously, it was like I was getting Stockholm Syndrome too Lucy Christopher knows just how to mess with your mind It was all like this to me I love Ty, he s amazingwait, no he s not, he s a stalker and a kidnapperbut he s so sweet let go of Gemma you controlling creepOh my gawd he s so effin hot It s like having the devil and angel on your shoulder So, yes, he kidnapped her But he also loved her passionately He knew he was going to go to prison, but he chose to stay by her side and save her That s what I loved about him the most The fact that he ran miles to save her life.
Ugh, I m getting conflicted again.
Again, I can t really express my feelings about this book, but it was definitely the most intense book I ve ever read I couldn t put it down.
I want Lucy Christopher to write a sequel She can t leave it like this But, at the same time I don t really want her to It s actually the ending that tear jerking, heart wrenching ending that made the book so unique and unforgettable I don t want that to be ruined.
I m doing it again, aren t I Dammit, I have to stop contracting myself Makes me sound like a weirdo who has no idea what she s talking about.
Spoilers that s it Well, that was a shit fucking letter, wasn t it Can you even call that a letter It s just a recollection of everything that happened between Gemma and Ty As if someone would be able to remember every conversation that had happened on every day for a month It s fine as a story, but I did not accept the letter concept It reminds me of a certain Friends episode where Rachel and Ross are fighting and Rachel wrote him a letter.
Ross I fell asleep Rachel You fell asleep Ross It was 5 30 in the morning, and you had rambled on for 18 pages Front and back I think it s safe to say that my expectations were way up high, because of all the skyrocketing ratings, and it all came crashing down into a million pieces I thought this book was going to be fucked up, all kinds of twisted, but luckily for Gemma she met the world s most docile kidnapper in the history of time Sure, he followed her for a couple years, but he actually took good care of her and didn t force her into anything He had expected her to love his little place in the middle of nowhere I mean, who wouldn t love living in a fucking desert, away from every type of civilisation, hunting camels and kangaroos and possibly being bitten by poisonous snakes But when Gemma keeps whining, he promises that he ll take her back to the real world if she still doesn t love it after four months That sure is convenient But hey, we are supposed to like Ty, right He s given these bright blue eyes and a tight body so we ll swoon over him, and a dramatic back story and a guilty conscience so we can feel sorry for him He loves Gemma, in his own twisted way He means well all he wants is company, never mind the fact that his company is there against her will But hey, he s actually a pretty nice guy, so he doesn t force his company on Gemma, which results in one of the most boring books I have ever read Nothing happens They just live alongside each other and have awkward conversations Hell, if I want awkward conversations I ll talk to someone While you guys are swooning over Ty, can you still remember that he actually kidnapped a girl and once fenced her in like cattle Because he didn t give a rat s ass about Gemma when he took her away for ever I m just saying cause Gemma seemed to be forgetting all that as we got nearer to the ending, even falling asleep in his arms and wanting to kiss him At the end, he s just another pretty boy But a weird little fucker at that he paints his penis Do I need to sayThen comes the ending and because of a snake bite Gemma ends up being rescued Ty decides to take her back to the real world to save her life, knowing that he ll end up in prison Once again, thank fuck for Gemma being abducted by such a gentleman She even kisses him on the cheek in the end and thanks him for showing her some beautiful landscape Are you fucking kidding me with this Yes, you may have kidnapped me and I hate you, but I love you too and it sure was beautiful over there Girl, you need help I understand Stockholm Syndrome and it really fascinates me, but this just wasn t done well Gemma s writing was boring and detached and it left me feeling completely empty of any feelings other than anger.
Because I am angry I am sorely disappointed and, well, fuck this book Snape is not amused.
So, the hype surrounding this book.
I ve read a few books on the topic of kidnapping now, and I can safely say this one is my least favorite so far Firstly, the actual kidnapping that takes place just seems SO UNREALISTIC to me that I can t even take it I find it really hard to believe that a 25 year old man could so effortlessly get a 16 year old girl who is drugged out of her mind through airport security with a fake passport Just no That would not happen The one thing I enjoyed about this book was the setting, because AUSTRALIA However, since they re way out in the desert I didn t get to see much of it, but yeah I liked that it was a bit different in that way.
However, the entire story fell very flat for me, and I never cared about what was happening I was interested at the beginning because the kidnapping scene was really thrilling until it made no sense , but after that I was extremely bored I didn t grow to care about Ty like so many people seem to, and I never really came to understand why he even took Gemma in the first place At least not specifically I need specifics in a book like this read If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch for an example of a well fleshed out story Not the worst book I ve ever read, but definitely the worst kidnapping book I ve read yet.
Stolen is such a singular reading experience that its difficult to decide how I feel about it.
Gemma is a sixteen year old English girl kidnapped by Ty and taken into the Western Australian outback where she is held prisoner.
I had to give this book five stars for several reasons One of the reasons is because it was so fantastically well written Beautiful, touching, heart breaking and real Christopher doesn t spare on the details both good and bad Never before have I felt a book to be so real, so gritty and tangible.
This book is a journey into the world of Stockholm Syndrome and the craft of Christopher s skill left even me, feeling the effects of this baffling psychological problem.
The characters of Ty and Gemma are fantastic At first I was frustrated with Gemma I was so used to reading kick ass female protagonists who could do anything that it was aggravating to be stuck with a sixteen year old who was incapable and terror stricken Yet she gets to you Her pain, her struggles She s a real sixteen year old This isn t some fantasy character that can do everything Yet she has a sense of will and spirit Perhaps her defining characteristic is the truth that she is willing to tell herself completely and honestly.
Ty is also amazing as a character He is equal parts scary, confused, angry, hostile, delusional He is also beautiful, gentle, capable, intense and loving He is such a mixed bag of all these things.
If you re looking for action and suspense in this book you won t find it Yet I personally found the strength of the characters and the outback itself was strong enough to carry this story without needing a great deal of edge of your seat intensity The mental intensity was enough for me Others may find this story boring but I found it touching and amazing I highly recommend it.
It Happened Like This I Was Stolen From An Airport Taken From Everything I Knew, Everything I Was Used To Taken To Sand And Heat, Dirt And Danger And He Expected Me To Love Him This Is My Story A Letter From Nowhere Sixteen Year Old Gemma Is Kidnapped From Bangkok Airport And Taken To The Australian Outback This Wild And Desolate Landscape Becomes Almost A Character In The Book, So Vividly Is It Described Ty, Her Captor, Is No Stereotype He Is Young, Fit And Completely Gorgeous This New Life In The Wilderness Has Been Years In The Planning He Loves Only Her, Wants Only Her Under The Hot Glare Of The Australian Sun, Cut Off From The World Outside, Can The Force Of His Love Make Gemma Love Him Back The Story Takes The Form Of A Letter, Written By Gemma To Ty, Reflecting On Those Strange And Disturbing Months In The Outback Months When The Lines Between Love And Obsession, And Love And Dependency, Blur Until They Don T Exist Almost HYPERVENTILATING AUGUST 2013 UPDATE Look what I just saw on Lucy s FB Lucy ChristopherIf I tell you I m about to fly to San Diego to work on the screenplay of Stolen would you be excited Me gusta Compartir 83 Hace 3 minutos OMFG WHERE CAN I BUY MY TICKETS NEED THAT FILM LIKE YESTERDAY P.
S Sorry for updating an old review but this was soooooo good for me that I had to do it FULL REVIEW NOW UP FIVE BEAUTIFUL HEARTBREAKING AUSTRALIAN STARS Could I have loved this book any NOWould I change anything about their story Hell NODo I need a sequel even if I know I won t probably get it Yes, please with sugar on top I bought this book AGES ago but I didn t want to read it because I knew how it ended And I didn t mind view spoiler this didn t have a HEA hide spoiler Five stars I really don t know how to feel right now I feel so sad, but that isn t the right word to explain how I feel about this book It s so complicated I hated some of the moments in this book could not even begin to imagine myself feeling even the slightest bit of empathy for certain characters Yet, something about this book pulls you in and flips you over Before you know it, you re viewing this book in an entirely different light than when you started it Suddenly, your eyes have opened to the true heart of this book, and you understand You understand the message it carries, and the weight of it all It s confusing how this book makes you feel so much compassion for something so terribly wrong That s the entire point though The problem is, by the time you ve grasped it all, it s too late The story ends, and like Gemma, you find your heart aching for everything you finally understand Yes, this book is complicated And confusing And a storm of emotions It s also beautiful And captivating And so, so breathtakingly real This is the kind of story that will stick with you.
I m still crying as I type this.
This review will very likely be brief and will very likely be a hot mess, becauseI just can t believe how gorgeous this single piece of literature is I can t believe it took me this long to read it I ll definitely say it was worth the wait, though.
It s been a while since I ve read something that touched me this deeply How this book is written just gutted me and left me breathless at times Gemma was relatable because she was a real teenage girl I would ve done some of the things she did if I were in her position, and I would ve thought of things the same way she did She was always wary, always looking for chances of escape, even though it was pretty much hopeless.
And then there s Ty.
I wasn t expecting to be so in love with him I wasn t expecting this at all But even less than 100 pages in, I had already warmed up to him He is not evil or cruel in any way He is broken and lonely and fuck I have tears landing on the backs of my hands.
The last parts were really the parts that hit me Deep I loved how this book ended I loved everything about this book and oh my god forget about all those books that I ve said are the best books I ve ever read because this one tops every fucking list I m not kidding.
Okay, I don t know what else to type any, I m sorry I justgod, you guys, this book This fucking book.