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5 stars My favourite Sarah Dessen book so far Before I read this book I was unsure about whether I would like it or not The plot didn t sound very good or appealing but honestly this book was so so good I loved it The best things about this book were the characters and the way the characters interacted with each other There are so many different relationship dynamics in this book and I loved every single relationship I liked all of the characters but I absolutely adored Jamie He was such a sweetheart and I just thought he was so so lovely The things he did for Cora made me love him evenI loved Ruby s character development She completely changed because she gradually opened herself up to new experiences and new people It was a slow process where Ruby assessed situations and then after some time, her negative thinking changed to positive thinking It was a very inspirational change This book actually made me quite emotional in some parts which surprised me It was just so heartwarming and it was such a lovely story I absolutely loved how the relationship between Ruby and her sister, Cora took the front seat while the romance was a smaller subplot Sarah Dessen s writing is awesome as per usual She puts in the perfect amount of descriptions and her language is simple yet it is profound at times The dialogue between her characters is really good like always and she writes a very realistic teenage girl I really do love this book but there was something missing I don t know what and so I give it 4.
5 stars, not 5 I would definitely recommend this and I will definitely be readingof Sarah Dessen s books.
5 starsAnother hit for Dessen This one was darker like Dreamland and I really love that about it It felt like I was there, a fly on the wall I appreciated the MCs and the supporting characters in this one.
Ruby, Where Is Your Mother Ruby Knows That The Game Is Up For The Past Few Months, She S Been On Her Own In The Yellow House, Managing Somehow, Knowing That Her Mother Will Probably Never ReturnThat S How She Comes To Live With Cora, The Sister Shehasn T Seen In Ten Years, And Cora S Husband Jamie, Whose Down To Earth Demeanor Makes It Hard For Ruby To Believe He Founded The Most Popular Networking Web Site Around A Luxurious House, Fancy Private School, A New Wardrobe, The Promise Of College And A Future It S A Dream Come True So Why Is Ruby Such A Reluctant Cinderella, Wary And Defensive And Why Is Nate, The Genial Boy Next Door With Some Secrets Of His Own, Unable To Accept The Help That Ruby Is Just Learning To Give so the Sarah Dessen Reread Extravaganza continued and this particular installment may not have gone super well but you know what you simply cannot win them all.
this was just veryyyyy dramatic to me and the characters were boring and floated in and out of existence and there were just So Many Quasi Profound themes and ahhh also it was very long.
the progression of time also could NOT HAVE BEEN MESSIER IT WAS DRIVING ME UP A WALL hard to create a neat linear timeline, I guess, when you have to interrupt yourself every other paragraph in order to soliloquize on the Meaning Of Family and the Importance Of Optimism and blah blah blah.
too saccharine for me.
bottom line not my favorite but the SDRE Sarah Dessen Reread Extravaganza, obviously will continue What is family They were the people who claimed you In good, in bad, in parts or in whole, they were the ones who showed up, who stayed there, regardless Seventeen year old Ruby has been living on her own for the past two months since her mother left She has no idea where her mother went, and hasn t heard from her since Ruby has been getting by, just barely but this is about to change when the landlords of the tiny house they ve been renting, discover she s alone They alert the authorities, and suddenly Ruby is taken in by her sister Cora Things were different when Ruby s sister Cora still lived at home, she sort of made it her job to care for Ruby and protect her from their mother However, Cora s been gone for ten years, left when she went off to college, and Ruby s heard little from her since This does not make for a happy reunion because Ruby doesn t want to let anyone in, let anyone close She certainly doesn t welcome her sister s assistance Ruby would rather just rely on herself, that way she has no one else to let her down So she makes a plan to just stick it out at her sister s until she turns eighteen, then she s out of there This story progresses nicely and I was seriously hooked watching the slow transformation of Ruby, seeing her thaw gradually Helping with this is Jamie, Cora s sweet, generous, and very welcoming husband You can t help but love him, he takes Ruby in with no questions or judgments made, always looking for the good, first, in people Then there is Nate sigh He is just the all around popular, nice, HOT, next door neighbor that takes to Ruby immediately, even with her reluctance I didn t warm up to Cora at first, but then we learn some things about her, and I couldn t help but love her too A Sarah Dessen novel would not be complete without her collection of quirky secondary characters She always amasses these unique individuals that just grow on you Gervais, the twelve year old genius who rides along with Nate and Ruby everyday to school Quote on GervaisGervais also lacked maturity, which meant he found things like burps and farts hysterical, and even funnier when they were his own Put him in a small, enclosed space with two people every morning and there was no end to the potential for hilarityYes, I was cracking up Olivia, a fellow student at Perkins Day, always talking on her phone in her free time, but somehow becomes friends with Ruby Then there s Harriet the caffeine addict, and Reggie the vitamin seller Even Roscoe, Cora and Jamie s dog, manages to get into Ruby s heart While, The Truth About Forever and Just Listen, are my favorite Sarah Dessen novels, this one is very good, too A definite recommend for any contemporary romance YA lover.
Just Listen This book was so beautiful, it taught me so much and I felt so good after reading this book The thing about Sarah Dessen s books are that it isn t always about the romance There is aimportant story taking place and on of the side stories is the romance If the book only focused on romance, it wouldn t have been as impressive as this actually wasWe can t expect everybody to be there for us, all at once So it s a lucky thing that really, all you need is someoneA few months before Ruby was going to turn 18 years old, her mother abandoned her Ruby managed to live on her own for a couple of months but then she got busted She was sent to live with her older sister Cora, who she hasn t seen in 10 years and her sister s husband, Jamie When Ruby lived with her rich sister, she didn t know what she was missing out on, she had a new family, who were willing to provide her with whatever she needs and money for new clothes But for some reason, Ruby feels confused and feels like she doesn t know the true meaning of family How will Ruby get over this uneasy feeling and accept everything that has happened to herBut sometimes, we just have to be happy with what people can offer us Even if it s not what we want, at least it s something You knowOne of the things that I really liked about this story was the characters Jamie was the most welcoming person that I have ever read about I wish I met him on the first day of high school, because of the fact that no one was welcoming The first day of high school was the worst, but if Jamie were there, he would make everyone feel welcomed Cora was another character I loved and I love how she goes with everything Jamie says, even if it can be really embarrassing Nate was nice but I wish he wereopen about his problems instead of hiding everything with a huge smile Ruby was a mess near the beginning but I really like her Olivia is a nice friend, even if she has her flaws Gervais, I wish you could tutor me, he would save my grades and futureNot everything s perfect, especially in the beginning And its all right to have a little bit of regret every once in a while It s when you feel it all the time and can t do anything about it that s when you get into troubleThe relationships were nice and made a great addition to the story When you see small snippets of Jamie and Cora s relationship, the book is so muchrealistic The bonding between Gervais and Ruby were hilarious, they were like brother and sister Nate and Gervais s relationship was also really nice to read Reggie and Harriet was so nice and I wish we got to readabout them And Nate and Ruby s relationship was another factor that was sweet Olivia and Ruby are amazing and I am so glad they met each other Cora and Ruby s relationship is something I wish I could have with my sister, we don t get along at all.
If you expect the worst, you ll never be disappointedThe thing that I like about Sarah Dessen s books is how you could connect with the characters It s interesting to see how much you can relate to her characters and I love that so much about her books Whenever I come across something the character says that I agree on, I scream I KNOW RIGHT, and forget that I am in class Anyway, I love the setting of her books and how most of them connect and you could see the characters from another book she wrote interact with each other I m almost done my marathon on Sarah Dessen books and I am kinda upset because I love her books so muchThe further you go, theyou have to be proud of At the same time, in order to come a long way, you have to be behind to begin with IN the end, though maybe it s not how you reach a place that matters Just that you get there at allI highly recommend this book, if you haven t read any Sarah Dessen books and I recommend you pick this up if you read a Sarah Dessen book too I enjoyed this so much, it was fast paced and really easy to relate to From all the books I have read by Sarah Dessen so far, I feel like this one is the saddest one by far If you haven t read a contemporary novel by Sarah Dessen, I suggest that you give it a shotThe worst thing you can do if you miss or need someone is let them know it That was a shock Definitely nowhere near as good as I expected it to be I mean, maybe Just Listen heightened my expectations, but hey, this was not even comparable to her earlier books sigh Where to begin Ruby gets absolutely no resolution, IMO It s great that she and Cora get along, but what about the potential Dad search And her mother s not any better What happens to the yellow house The key You don t do that That s not how you tie loose ends up She needed to have kept that key forever, that s justno Dumping the key is in no way symbolic nor is it realistic Nate is too perfect to be flawed This isn t to say that you know, popular kids aren t abused or something It s justthere would be hints all the way, and there weren t, not any decipherable ones He doesn t act right, it s just not realistic Ruby knows better than to sit back and wait instead of getting up and helping Parts of the book were highly predictable in a bad way I mean, Just Listen, you knew it was going to be Annabel and Owen, but when it happened, you were still super over the stars excited Herestuff happened Reggie and Harriet, Cora being pregnant, Nate and Ruby, and it s all justoh yeah knew that was going to happen oh well LOVED the tie ins Yay, Annabel and Owen cameos 3 is Rogerson the same Rogerson It justdidn t function well Plotlines didn t mesh, things didn t get resolved well or realisticallyit was justblah And you KNOW how much I hate to say that, because I absolutely LOVE Sarah sigh This was my first book that I ve read by Sarah Dessen I ve heard quite a few good things about her so I was fairly willing to give her books a try even though I don t typically read teen fiction Lock and Key is about a seventeen year old girl named Ruby Ruby s had a tough childhood from her father and sister abandoning her at a young age so she thinks to her mother abandoning her at seventeen she s never really been settled in one place For the first part of the novel Ruby s in a sort of self proclaimed denial The reader begins the book and quickly learns that when Ruby s mom abandoned her she attempted to live by herself for a few months but was eventually turned in to child services by her landlord Cora, Ruby s estranged sister, takes custody of Ruby along with her husband, Jamie WIth her new life Ruby faces all sorts of challenges New school, friends , job, habits, etc But still Ruby is clinging to her past life and memories I particularly loved the characters of Cora and Jamie They were very believable and I thought that Dessen did an excellent job of endearing them to the reader I had a few problems with Nate the male star of the novel and Ruby, but nothing that couldn t be overlooked The plot could definitely be a bit confusing flopping between a fast and slow pace but in the end it all worked out.
So what then makes me want to give this book only three stars I would have to say I honestly don t know, just that things were missing Maybe it was character depth for Ruby or Nate, or just the whole plot confusion thing that got to me, or the swearing which by the way is fairly predominant I don t know I d recommend reading Lock and Key but not unless you have nothingexciting to read It s lacking, but still good It really deserves three and a half stars but Goodreads doesn t let me do that Oh well.

The reason why Sarah Dessen s books make me smile, laugh and cry and usually make my day is because they are so genuine.
From the dialog to the writing to the characters to the emotional experiences, everything screams authentic and realistic That makes it easy to fall for the protagonists incredibly fast and deeply The unfortunate thing about Sarah Dessen s books is that if you summarize them, you realize they are not very original With her, the originality is not in the main plot girl who moves in with her long lost sister and falls for rich guy next door but in the little events that make the main plot This is why I struggle when I summarize her books and sometimes don t even bother If you ve readthan one book by her, you re going to realize that there are elements that come back each time So far and I ve read six books from her I ve noticed a few, one of them being that she likes to include businesses Sometimes it s a pizzeria, sometimes it s a wedding planning business, here it s a jewellery store, a delivery business and an online site You learn some things about management when you read her books and I love that Her main characters have the same voices I definitely think she should vary her protagonists they just all feel the same Very nice girls usually with a hidden past and it works, but it s redundant if you read her books back to back She should also include diversity once in a while, because there never is, or so But what can I say I just adore her To me she s like the Nicholas Sparks for YA books I m eager to readBlog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin This was my second book by Sarah Dessen and it didn t disappoint In this story we meet Ruby who is trying to find, and come to terms with a new life away from her loving but negligent mother Only having ever been told one side of the story by a woman embittered by her feelings for Rubys father, Rubys view on life and living has been tainted Nate, Rubys next door neighbour who s a great guy who seems to have it all but does he Ruby soon finds out things she doesn t want to know and whilst she s still coming to terms with her own adjustments to those around her she finds it difficult to offer the right kind of help for him.
Cora Rubys sister who is trying to make sense of problems within her own life whilst having to build the bridges that were severed when she moved away from Ruby and her mom.
andJamie Coras husband who pulls everyone together with his enigmatic personality and warm nature, and whilst Ruby sorely tests his patience he remains a positive force for her I loved this story, I especially liked the way Dessen incorporates Rubys two lives and how Ruby interprets and evaluates her own actions Ruby is a lovely intelligent character but I don t know how this story would ve worked had she been arrogant and angry, maybe it wouldn t have hence the story of a girl who faced with choices makes mistakes but ultimately knows the right path to follow.