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☆ You Know Where to Find Me ½ Download by ↠´ Rachel Cohn Name Anna MeyerBook title You Know Where to Find MePersonal Response In my opinion, I thought this was a good book It had a good plot to it and it was not like any other teenage book I would definitely read it over again, or I would recommend it to some other friends I thought the book also had a good hook to it too because, like I said before, it had a good twist and plot to it So to conclude, I thought this was a really great book to read, and had a lot of interesting things happening.
Plot Summary In this book, Jamal and Laura were the same age and been really close cousins for forever They did basically everything together when they grew up, and had a lot of the same interests Once they got into high school, Laura started to grow apart from Jamal Once they had lost contact, the two of them became a little off, as in not mentally good Jamal had taken the path to drugs, and Laura had chosen to end her life her to close, and now her once close cousin has to cope with that.
Recommendations I would recommend this book to a high school audience This book deals with a lot of dark tones, as in drug use and suicide I wouldn t recommend this book to younger students because of these reasons But once you read You Know Where to Find Me, it is worth it.
This is honestly one of the first books I ve had this year that I had difficulty finishing I didsliked this book for a few different reasons 1 The plot for this book was really weak A girl s cousin dies and the girl continues her life before the death, except sometimes she seems kind of sad about her cousin.
2 The writing style It was really weird the way some things were said.
3 MILES I really, really disliked Miles All she did was complain Her best friend cousin Sister Laura dies and all she can do is complain about how fat she is or how she wishes her friend would love her or how she wants to get high.
All in all, I think this book had the potential to be a good story, but it didn t really turn out that way.
Jamal Said Only, Laura And I Knew, Just Knew By The Rip Through My Gut And The Instant Convulsion In My Heart, Knew By Jamal S Uncharacteristically Unsmiling Face I Knew Because Laura Always Did What I Wished I Could Do First Cousins Laura And Miles Grew Up Like Sisters Miles Thought Of Laura As The Golden One Smart, Beautiful, Rich, And Popular While Miles Considered Herself The Unwanted One An Unattractive, Underachieving Outcast Laura S Suicide Shatters Miles And Leaves Her Feeling Completely Alone, And Sets Miles On A Dangerous Downward Spiral But In The Strength Miles Finds In Herself And In Those She Didn T Believe Cared About Her, She Is Able To Rebuild Her Life In Unexpected Ways Rachel Cohn S Emotionally Powerful New Novel Views Serious Issues Such As Depression, Suicide, Prescription Drug Abuse, And Alternative Family Configurations Through The Lens Of Family Love And Survival Cross posted from my blog review Okay, how do I put this No idea.
How do I reenact this Well, first we get an emoticon oO Steam blowing from the side to indicate mental exertion Optional Whatever you call that sound you make when you re blowing spit bubbles, playing in the background MANDATORY Shakespeare would ve been proud In the interest of brevity I don t want to spendtime thinking about this one than I have to I ll summarize the plot in a couple of sentences Cousins Miles Pudgy and Laura Perfect were raised like sisters, but a falling out a couple of years prior prevented Miles from realizing the emotional pain Laura was in When Laura commits suicide, Miles must deal with it You know, it doesn t even sound that good when you put it like that which is why I suppose they opted for the hook of the loopy jacket description instead But whatever, here s the reality of the matter There s no plot.
Every character except for Miles, the first person focus of the novel, is underdeveloped.
Miles herself becomes a bore after awhile.
And I still don t get it.
This would be the place to say I was in resounding love with Rachel s writing back when I first began reading YA and I picked up Pop Princess and Gingerbread Given my distaste for her recent releases Nick and Norah s Infinite Playlist and now this I wonder where the object of my affections has gone Have my preferences changed that much The first chapter is engaging enough I love the once upon a time , fairy tale approach to retelling the past, which was employed here Miles made everything seem so angelic, so perfect, you could hear the childlike giggles of innocence reverberating in the background Then her tale is shattered by her cousin s death, and you can feel the shards of her broken childhood.
Moving past the first chapter, everything becomes shoddy The focus was never really on Laura or her suicide but rather on Miles s self loathing, drug habits, and unrequited love And even so, those aren t resolved either Not that these things are easily fixed especially not in the space of 200 pages but they weren t developed or evolved, either Miles screws up with her drug habits as a result of her self loathing and pushes her unrequited love awayI m not convinced anything changes after the last page To me, Miles is still as her father calls her a burnout, except adevastated one.
Don t even get me started on my disgust with flat characterization On a character driven novel Miles had personality and voice, but everyone else was drawn like a stick ironically what Miles wants to be, heh.
On a last note, I m gonna say that it takes an act of God himself to make me want to clean my room This novel, somehow, ended up propelled me to do that.
I take this to mean I was uninterested Bored You tell me.
So, D Thank god the writing style at least was redemptive.
Laura and Miles used to be cousins and best friends They grew up in the paradise of their tree house, enacting fairy tales You don t know differences when you re younger So Laura was a blonde, blue eyed perfect princess and Miles was a plump girl who started reading at the age of four and never stopped So what That didn t stop them from doing Brownies, Girl Scouts, summer camp, swimming and dancing lessons together.
Adolescence caused them to grow apart, because soon these differences do matter One is a popular goddess, and one is a smoking, medicine raiding outcast.
Which one islikely to commit suicide You d never think it would be the beautiful girl With Laura gone, Miles has to reevaluate her life over the course of a summer, and decide if it s worth living after all.
Dark, perhaps, but the darkness is necessary for the subject matter, and there s some humor in here as well Miles still leaves some hope.
I usually don t write reviews on books, but this one needed one This book was AWFUL I should have known I wasn t going to like it because I tried to read a book from this author once before and it bored me to death This book felt like there wasn t much a point to it except that the sister cousin girl over dosed and died There was absolutely no climax or turning point in this book my suggestion is to not waste your time.
she did not kill herself as a means of escaping something She simply chose not to live There s a difference It s weirdbut I found a book about suicide boring.
No, boring isn t the right word I think I just didn t connect with any of the characters The conversations were strange for me because they seemedforced had confusing slang lingo never seemed to be about what they were actually saying but I could never actually squeeze out the real meaning eitherand, honestly, Miles kind of sucks she just doesn t do anything She complains, but only some She does drugs a lot and describing the high as so great.
it s just such a confusing book.
I m always nervous about YA books that portray suicideas anything other than a really really bad thing this doesn t portray it as bad or good nor does it portray drugs as bad

Wow, so I really hated this book Besides nothing happening, the narrator is fat No, really She s FAT and she loves to eat but she hates herself because she s FAT and no one will ever love her because she s FAT and FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT Her real problem is that she s BORING because she s so obsessed with being FAT.
Reviewed by Dianna Geers for TeensReadToo.
comLaura and Miles grew up together They were cousins who lived so close that Miles could sneak out of her room on scary, stormy nights and escape to the safety of Laura s bed They spent hours in their tree house and hiding out in their favorite bookstore As little girls became adolescents, though, being related and living near each other didn t guarantee closeness Miles liked to eat and drink And smoke Her body put on weight, her poorly dyed hair never behaved, and she escaped the world by reading Her grades sucked She didn t care Laura was a beautiful, social butterfly She was pleasant Got good grades Had the perfect boyfriend The adoring father So why is she the one who killed herself And Miles wonders why Laura got everything Everything She even got to escape the world She got what Miles wanted Miles planned on joining her Who would even care if Miles died, anyway With that frame of mind, Miles takes several downward turns which continue to lead her in the direction her life had been heading for a long time Laura even left Miles a secret stash of drugs to help her cope For a while, Miles chooses to live life in a state of numbness The worst thing to her was when the fog faded and she had to face life without her cousin As you read You Know Where to Find Me, you find touching characters You care for them not just Miles but her father, Laura s father, even Laura herself Miles falls to such a low that everyone worries about her chances of survival But somehow in this cocoon of a druggy fog, there s a spirit of a person A person who is stronger than many people realized People are not always what they seem Sometimes they are stronger Sometimes weaker Rachel Cohn has written a touching novel that covers so many issues And it leaves you thinking Wondering Hoping.
Some nice writing, and I wanted to like it a lotthan I did, but 1 When you have a character this angry and bitter, it s a real challenge to make the reader like them or even care much Unfortunately, this book doesn t rise to the challenge 2 I finally gave up after about the fifth lecture about DC Home Rule Okay I get it I know this is an issue that the character cares a lot about, but it just gets preachy see 1 above.